About Us

Ever have one of those moments when you said to yourself, "I wish I'd thought of that!" Well we have! We're Cheryl Hamersmith-Stewart and Tracey Hunter, owners of a nationally acclaimed advertising agency that has been designing creative ad campaigns for top international travel brands such as Sandals Resorts for years.

And now, ironically, we've come up with sandals of our own––an idea that began during one of our many photo shoots in the Caribbean. Imagine setting up photo and TV shoots for models walking in deep sand in high heels. Forget about it!

So one day we grabbed a pair of flip flops, added some bling and voila! We went from flip flop to fabulous! These suddenly dazzling shoes were both fashionable and practical. Now we knew we were onto something really big...but this was only the beginning. Why not create a pair of sandals with interchangeable shoe jewelry that could go with any number of outfits...and fit every style and occasion? Like traveling! Who wants to pack five different pairs of shoes when one pair could have endless looks? That's how FlipOut™ Sandals were born!

We first chose two styles of sandals: a Brazilian-type flip flop and a chic "haute couture" jelly. Then we developed a unique proprietary design for changing shoe jewelry that wouldn't come undone like other clips or snaps. After that, we went to the drawing board to create the coolest, most dazzling and awesome 3D designs out of genuine cut crystal! Now we may be in the ad business but we're also TOTAL fashionistas and we do LOVE TO SHOP! Especially for shoes! We're also "frugalistas" and appreciate great style with VALUE. Which is why we’re bringing FlipOut™ sandals directly to you, passing on the considerable savings at the absolute lowest possible prices! We know you know how much these kinds of sandals can cost. And yet ours are totally unique and made well...with love. We know you're going to just flip out over them...for yourself and as terrific gifts! We hope you have as much fun flipping out over our new FlipOut™ sandals as we do!

Thanks for visiting our website and keep coming back. When it comes to bringing you new ideas, we're just getting started!

Cheryl & Tracey


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